"These are effing AWESOME. Thanks for cranking so hard on these under a ridiculous time crunch! You are the best!!!!!"

Aisha Tyler - Director/Actress

“Wow! Looks great Mark!!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the boards and animatic!!!! Can’t wait to shoot it.”

Alex Zamm – Director

Hong Kong Phooey feature for Warner Bros.

“Universal’s Little Rascals Save The Day feature director Thanks, Mark. You’re awesome!”

Alex Zamm – Director

Hong Kong Phooey feature for Warner Bros.


Alex Zamm – Director

Hong Kong Phooey feature for Warner Bros.

“Freakin amazing work!”

Greg Nicotero Director/Executive

The Walking Dead

“Wow damn nice work!! I will share with the agency “

Scott Major,Partner-CMO

“We’ve gotten excellent feedback on your illustration and appreciate the quick turnaround.”

Kevin B. Adams, MBA, DTM

“The job I did with Storyboard Pro was made easier BECAUSE of your tutorial videos. So thank you for that! Yes, I need to practice more. This is why I buy ibuprofen in bulk. LOL”

Arthur Nichols

“You know I got interested in Storyboarding thanks to you back in 2007 When I purchased one of your books during film school. Its been a wild ride so far. Ups and Downs as you know I’m sure. But happy with my current job over at Bad Robot… Man this place is crazy man. Its like an Adult Creative Fun House mixed with a cool nerdy sci fi vibe…. I LOVE IT! But yes next time your in LA please let me buy you lunch, or maybe come have lunch with me in Bad Robot. Stay in touch Storyboard JediMaster.. for I am one of your Storyboard Padawans 😉 lol”

Joe Mason

“Thanks for your time Mark. I appreciate it. Everything you’ve mentioned is pretty much the way I handle things, so at least you’ve given me some affirmation as to my approach. I’ll definitely see if I can look into your book on the chapter you cover this. I have also enjoyed your posts on youtube very much. It’s great that someone such as yourself has made an effort to put out help tools for artists in the field. Keep up the great work Mark and we’ll talk soon.”


“Congratulations for the success of the Tooth Fairy, Well deserved. I will never forget your teachings on Storyboarding. Thanks. Greetings from Mexico.”

Luis Bolanos

Line Producer at Kaxan Media Group – Kaxan Games

“I saw the animatic and as expected – awesome… you are always the best. It will be a pleasure once again working with you.”

Vivek Kalyan, Founder

Tiger Bells Animation – India

“Thanks very much for all of this. I greatly appreciate it. You and your wife are amazing. It’s no wonder that you both are enjoying so much success…so much energy! Thanks, again”

Greg Duva

“Thanks for your Herculean efforts to get us a winning test. Superb job! Fantastic work! Can’t wait to work on the feature with you. Thanks again”

Alex Zamm,Director -Hong Kong Phooey


“Adam and I both really changed our opinions about the importance of storyboarding during our work with Mark. The boards helped us clearly explain a few of our complicated scenes to the cast and crew. Previously, I’d seen storyboarding as something only applicable to films with very extensive effects, but I now understand their communicative power even in very basic scenes.”


DP of Lionsgate’s horror film You’re Next

“I was impressed with the fluidity of the process: while working on the rough sketches over Skype if the lens length, angle or placement of a player felt a bit off, Mark was able to instantly make adjustments to his drawing.”


DP of Lionsgate’s horror film You’re Next

“Thanks again, Mark. They look great – you’re awesome to work with.”


“Damn, you’re good. Thx for rushing them through.”

Tom Kenney

“The boards look great. Everyone is happy with the interpretations.”

Steve Campbell

“Boards look great! Shoot me the invoice so I can get it going thru the system. Thanks so much for your great work!”

Kirsten Sheen

“These look awesome and EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks!!”

Kirsten Sheen

“You are pure awesome :)”

Master Bernie J. Fritts

“These are fantastic. Absolute pleasure working with you. Thanks for the quick turnaround and the wonderful quality.”


“Your work is phenomenal!”

Harold InDelicato

“All stellar stuff A bit faster than I imagined Thank you”

Gregory Alan Rutchik, Esq.

“Beautimus Maximus!”

Curtis Sponsler – Creative Director, Owner


“Those were perfect and awesome drawings, exactly what I was looking for. They definitely made the presentation that much better. Stay tuned for more developments! Thanks again for such a quick turnaround!”

Kirsten Sheen, Director, Creative Services

Partner Productions

“I’ve worked with any number of very fine story artists, animators, and visual development artists, and Alex (Saviuk) is easily among the top creative collaborators with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Alex has a unique visual intelligence and an exceptionally strong work ethic.Alex is first and foremost a talented artist with a high level of inventiveness and creativity.”

RHETT WICKHAM, Creative Development


“Beautiful detail and work Mark!”

Curtis Sponsler – Creative Director, Owner


“Thanks so much Mark. It’s been amazing working with you and I look forward to continuing the process.”

Alex Willis

“I’ve just got back from the Middlesbrough Animex festival and thought I’d say thanks for the great talk you gave. I attended the afternoon Storyboarding session, but had to leave straight away at the end for a 3 1/2 hr drive back home. The trip was well worth it though. I learned so much in such a short time and would love to know if you’re ever going to do your full 20hr lecture/s in Britain at any point? Put me down for tickets if you ever do. I’m just in the process of ordering your expressions and your storyboard books. Just didn’t have any cash on me at the lecture.” Once again thanks for an entertaining and educational afternoon.”


“I’m a college student/ freelance storyboard artist based out of NYC. Storyboards: Motion in Art was the first book on storyboarding I have read. I loved it. It was filled with very practical information; the kind you can tell was gained through experience. Since then I have been picking up any decent book on storyboarding I can find (plus your facial expressions book, which does rather well on art school campuses). Your book literally started a whirlwind of self education for me. So thank you for that. I’d love to get my hands on your new resume book. I’m at the point in my freelance career when I’m starting to fill in the gaps in my portfolio and removing artwork that doesn’t serve me (by they way, please feel free to click on the link to check out my VERY makeshift web space with my storyboarding samples on it). I believe your book will do just that, but for my resume rather than my portfolio: fill in the gaps and remove unnecessary information.”

Jeff K.

“Hey man – nice job on the naked people concepts… you nailed it. Had some great reactions thru the office today. Appreciate the extra effort…”

Andrew MacMillin

Associate Creative Director

“I just received my copy of the storyboard book today… it’s really a beautiful book; I would have loved having it when I started working. I’m honored of being featured in it, thanks a lot.”


“Thanks again for everything. Your new book is great. It’s not just for storyboard artists either. Anyone making a living as an illustrator would benefit from this book. I’m implementing the process and business work flow for my other work as well. It’s like having a “mini Mark Simon” right here.”


“My Producer loved the boards! She wanted me to tell you that it’s okay to put the boards on your site and advertise them however you’d like. Go go go!!!!”


“My producer LOVED the Animatics!”

Sohrab M.,

Director of The Day the Music Died

“This is amazing! Mark was incredibly fast on Storyboard Pro and watching him work was really cool.”

Kati H.

Producer Identity

“I want all of my artists to use this Storyboard Pro software from now on.”

Kati H.

Producer Identity

“I am really enjoying the Storyboard Pro. The demo that you did on their site sold me on the product.”

Tony S.

“You (Mark) never cease to amaze me. Your dedication and focused attention to your clients needs is tantamount to knock-your-socks-off superior level of service.

Dr Paul Jacobson, Founder


“Timmy’s Lessons in Nature is an excellent example of getting the most out of very little. The character designs were intrinsically funny- half the battle in making an audience laugh and the timing of the gags is superb.”

Eric Goldberg, Animation Director

Warner Bro’s Looney Tunes: Back in Action

“Both Jeanne and Mark have great creative eyes. They’re the best, absolutely, and their work is in demand”

Mitchell Kriegman, Creator/Executive Producer

It’s A Big, Big World, Bear In the Big Blue House, The Book of Pooh, Clarissa Explains It All

“Wow! Looks great Mark!!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job!!!! Can’t wait to shoot it.”

Alex Zamm - Director

Universal’s Little Rascals Save the Day!, Boards completed long distance on the feature

“I wanted to thank you (Mark) for a really great job you did at the pitch yesterday. You added a spark of excitement that we needed. You spoke with passion which translated to a real care for the project.”

Jack Tinsley, Director

Alphawolf Entertainment

“He’s very good at what he does and has a good reputation in the industry. People know they’re going to get something done well with Mark”

Glenn Wilder, Second Unit Director

McHale’s Navy, Universal Pictures

“The experience and practical wisdom that Mark Simon shares with his reader is what makes this book special. He offers an exceptional understanding of what is needed to start a career in animation and storyboarding. He then continues by presenting an overview of his own patterns for entertainment industry success that are relevant in nearly any career field. In addition to his own ideas, I especially enjoy the sharp contrasts he draws by comparing how his colleagues would handle similar projects. This is an amazing chapter that I often re-read to keep my own thought process open. I do teach a program in animation, and we do use Mark’s book in our classroom. It has been a valuable part of our curriculum. On occasion we have even invited Mark to present chapters to our classes and are never disappointed.”

Jeff S. – Orlando, FL

“I get the chills when I watch the animatic and finished animation of our music video, because of what we all accomplished together as a team. It started as a vision in my head. A video concept that could never be done with live action, and you and the team you assembled, not only helped me achieve it, but you brought the extra A-game that separates the great from the good. “

Jim Pratt, Producer/Director

The Walking Dead